Marty & Michelle Bruckner

Owners at Spaghetti Toes

Being an artist IRL

Both Michelle and Marty are Nebraska natives. They met in Omaha and have shared many adventures together in the past 15 years. Including one crazy, little six-year-old named Harper Grace.

In 2014, while sitting down to dinner, Michelle scolded Harper “Please do not put spaghetti between your toes.” The phrase stuck with Marty, he thought it was hilarious. Later he found himself asking Harper “Did you drop your cheese in the tub again?” With the two phrases circulating in his mind, the idea for “Spaghetti Toes” was born. After gathering a few more hilarious quotes from the then two-year-old, he sat down at the computer and started to draw out funny little illustrations to accommodate the silly sayings.

What started out as a handful of prints for Michelle for Mother’s Day evolved into a Facebook page and a Tumblr site. After being featured on the website the concept went viral. CNN, The Huffington Post, the Today Show, Buzzfeed, The Daily Mail and more to be featured the art on their websites. Today the two have a published book under their belt and a thriving on-line business.

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