It’s time to share your experiences

Whether your career put you on the express to the top or you moved floor by floor, someone has helped you along the way. Now, it’s time to pay it forward and Meet the Pros gives you lots of ways to do it. Open the doors and take these aspiring students to the next level.

Your participation raises money

You may not know it, but Meet the Pros benefits AAF Omaha in several ways. Not only do we help professors and students provide the next generation of creative, strategists, marketers, media planners, interactive developers and account service professionals – we help to raise money for scholarships and other club activities. So, help us to make this event one that continues to grow and thrive.

Attend a Meet the Pros Keynote Luncheon

New perspectives and ways of thinking are what fuels our ideas and our industry. Join us for one of the Meet the Pros keynote luncheons and hear from some of the people who make us think.

Monday’s Keynote Luncheon
Tuesday’s Keynote Luncheon

Participate in Portfolio and Resume Reviews

Who knows better than you when it comes to hiring for your team, your organization and your clients? Take a couple of hours to join us at Meet the Pros and provide valuable insight about how to select the most powerful pieces for their portfolios, the best ways to present them and what they can do to create a resume and cover letter that’s sure to get them in for an interview. Did we mention there’s a special Pros After Hours immediately following? Contact us to sign up.

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