Hannah Husman

Senior Copywriter at Bailey Lauerman — hhusman@blne.email

Advice You Can Use, But You Won’t Remember

The ad industry loves catchphrases about creativity and productivity, but when you’re stressed and lost at your first job, a hashtag-worthy sound bite isn’t very helpful. Learn the realities behind the advice you hear all the time and how you can actually apply it.

Hannah Husman is a Senior Copywriter at Bailey Lauerman in Omaha, Nebraska where she writes and creates for nearly every account on the agency roster, including Panda Express and UnitedHealthcare. Recently, she was the only creative from Nebraska named to The Drum’s list of 50 women under the age of 30 excelling in creative roles. After graduating with two Bachelor’s degrees in four years, then quickly rising from intern to Senior Copywriter in three and a half years, it’s safe to say she’s got some ideas for students finding their way in school and work.

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