Michael LaBroad

Managing Director at Eagan Anderson

Building the Most Important Brand… You!

We are all good at helping our clients become more engaging and stronger brands but struggle when it comes to marketing ourselves. As you prepare to launch into the real world, now is the time to examine the brand of you and how to position yourself for success. How to do this is the challenge in today’s world where everyone looks unique and special. How do you stand out and remain true to the brand of you? Come listen and see how all your personal strengths create a powerful brand that will be desired and valued by just the right companies and clients.

Michael has spent the past 30 years learning how to brand, market and sell some of America’s most popular brands and products. His successes and failures have application in all business segments including CPG’s, Entertainment, Sports, Media, Finance, New Launches and Start-Up innovations. His engaging and insightful style motivates his listeners to think different and see the potential in what they are trying to do. His core foundational belief that people make emotional decisions first and then rationalize them will change the way you market and sell from that day forward. Anheuser-Busch, SeaWorld, Bass Pro Shops and the National Hockey League all benefited from his leadership, drive for innovation, fresh approaches and measurable result accountability. He has helped large and small businesses alike, high profile and low profile companies, America’s biggest and best, and America’s new and emerging success stories.

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